Investment Guarantees: an instrument to promote foreign trade and investment provided by the
Commissioned to implement the federal funding instrument Investment Guarantees:

Your partner for investment protection

- Protection against political risks

- Active crisis management

- Access to high-risk markets

We accompany you to go abroad

Ihr Partner für Investitionsgarantien und Schutz vor politischen Risiken

What are Investment Guarantees?


We explain it to you in a video | in only 2 minutes (German version only)




DIA-Report No. 51


DIA-Report No. 51

The DIA-Report No. 51 is now online - German Version 

Webinar Climate Strategy


Webinar Climate Strategy

Climate strategy for foreign trade promotion - German Version

Press Release (BMWK) Ukraine


Press Release (BMWK) Ukraine

Government improves guarantee conditions - German Version

Annual Report 2022


Semi-Annual Report 2023

The Semi-Annual Report 2023 is now online - German Version

Solutions for the mittelstand


The investment guarantees of the Federal Republic of Germany support the mittelstand on their joint path into foreign business.

Solutions (insurance) for SMEs - For German companies that want to make an investment abroad and protect this investment against political risks.


Webinar bayme vbm


Webinar bayme vbm

Climate protection and diversification - German Version


Cover your Asian business

Climate and diversification strategy - German Version

Cover foreign business


Cover foreign business

New climate strategy - German Version 

Cover foreign business


Cover foreign business

Managing political risks - German Version 

Business partner Africa


Business partner Africa

8th German-African Economic Forum NRW 2024 - German Version